Monti Industries

Company background

Initially tied to the container repair sector, Monti Industries Group was established in 1980 by Ercole Monti with the foundation of the oldest company SOGESE S.r.l. The driving force was the strong growth of maritime and international trade that brought good market opportunities for container maintenance and repair enterprises. The company started soon dealing with second hand container sale, dry and reefer container leasing and sale and housing units leasing and sale. SOGESE’s brand HOME CONTAINER was launched in 2013 and was addressed to all the activities related to the production and sale of high standards living spaces completely designed and set up inside ISO shipping containers. In 2014, as a result of the merger of two linked companies, even COREMAS POLARIS ITALIA became a part of the group. This enterprise designs and manufactures shelter and housing units, wood structures and performs a highly qualified container maintenance and repair services and wood fumigation.


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