Monti Industries

SOGESE represents an important pillar of a group and operates through three brands:
IDEA FREDDO for temperature controlled spaces and reefer containesr sale and rental.
STOCKSOLUTION for dry containers sale and rental
QUICKBOX for multipurpose modular prefabs sale and rental
The customer who chooses SOGESE deals with a group of companies always ready to handle different issues with the highest care for his needs.

Il Gruppo SOGESE


POLARIS ITALIA assists SOGESE in the design and creation of modular multipurpose prefabs for rental, provides flexibility to the product and elaborate solutions tailored on actual customer requirements. POLARIS ITALIA also manufactures shelters, environments obtained by modifying a standard ISO container or by applying properly insulated panels to a steel structure with required characteristics of max payload suitable for transportation and for the accommodation of specific tools and machinery.

Polaris Italia


COREMAS is a company that employs experienced technicians and engineers deeply skilled in maintenance, repair and setting of the reefer machine and this in order to always deliver containers with proper settings and to provide control and inspection before the goods leave the depots. COREMAS has years of experience in the repair of shipping and reefer containers and carries out of operations related to the shipping such as the monitoring and the cold treatment.